Web Designing

In almost all cases, we find that websites these days are designed with your company or your business in mind. But how about your customers? At Avent Business Solutions, we believe that your website should also be designed in your visitors' or customers' interest. The portrayal of your website as an extension of your corporate image could remain, however emphasis should go to ensuring that your visitors are satisfied and either click to contact you or click to buy your product/services.

Web Design Methodology
At Avent Business Solutions, our creative designers and domain consultants adhere strictly to the companies methodology for all the web design assignments. This is to ensure that Avent deliver a website of the highest quality at the client's expectations.

  • Concept and Needs Analysis
  • Before we start building your website, we will need to know your complete requirements such as your objectives of having this website, your target visitors and how you are going to utilize it.

  • Design Concept Development
  • After understanding client’s objectives and requirements, we will develop an exclusive design prototype specifically for your website.

  • Deployment
  • When the client approved the prototype, we proceed into the development work of the web site.

  • Delivery
  • We constantly maintain communications with the client during the development phase to ensure that every single stage of the project meets the required objectives of each client.

  • Quality Control
  • At the end of the project, we evaluate how the final product measures against the clients' requirement in the planning stage of the project.